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Working alongside your own software, or stand-alone, our project management tool enables us to offer transparency and clarity in one place. Meaning we can collaborate on, plan, deliver and view projects together in real-time across all outcomes. Savings hours of manual reporting.


Reducing project risks and delivering successful outcomes is at the heart of Certitude’s service, and that’s why we have chosen Sharktower as our technology partner, allowing us to provide the best experience and outcomes for you.

Working alongside your current project delivery tools, or stand-alone, Sharktower is a collaborative project management platform that offers transparency and clarity in one place. Together, we can plan, deliver and view projects in real-time across all outcomes.

benefits to you

  • Real-time reports save hours of manual reporting, giving your own virtual PMO

  • Multiple teams can collaborate from anywhere with shared clarity on progress

  • Adaptive planning tool that fits all project delivery methods and change needs

  • Manage all project work, meetings, risks, issues and decisions in one place

  • Embedded delivery assurance to spot risks early to deliver successful outcomes


Whether you are using your own tools to manage programme delivery or need to boost your project delivery capability, Sharktower is a platform that be used unrestricted across internal and external teams, so that all project stakeholders can collaborate easily and with shared accountability.

“Sharktower has been built by seasoned project managers to help reduce the uncertainty in project delivery and increase the probability of project success. As such, working with Certitude Managed Outcomes to help their customers delivery better project outcomes is a perfect partnership”
– Craig Mackay, Co-Founder at Sharktower

Change is complex. Delivering it doesn’t have to be.

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Our aim is to work in true partnership, become an extension of your own team by truly understanding the full scope of your business as well as the project requirements, deliverables and timescales

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